Your financial advisor’s computer stopped working and the time it has taken to fix it has eaten into important work that needed to be done hours ago. Don't let this happen to you with Longview Computer Center's computer repair services in the Longview area. Our team of experienced experts can solve your technology issues without any challenges you may have doing it on your own.

The following computer repair services are our specialties:

  • Updating, installing, and maintaining software – any software, ranging from Windows to Microsoft Office
  • Data, file, or network recovery with ease
  • Repair of physical computers, network equipment, or servers
  • Setting up absolutely anything that needs to be set up, including wireless networks and virus protection
  • Virus Removal at a simple flat rate of $95

Help us help you today and call for computer repair in the Longview area.

Rate per hour Minimum Turnaround Time
In-House Standard $65 1/2 hour 3-7 business days
In-House Express $85 1/2 hour 2 business days
On-Site $95 1 hour Scheduled
Remote $75 1 hour Scheduled

Available for determining the problem and giving you a quote we will stand behind. Fee is 1/2 hour of labor. Available In-House only.

Repair Warranty
All of our repairs are warrantied for a period of 30 days. Software glitches and virus reinfections are not covered under warranty. Diagnostic fee is non-refundable.