Customer Data Confidentiality Policy

Computer Repairs
Longview Computer Center staff is required to treat all personal and/or company information stored on computer hard drives, optical media, flash media or any digital format as confidential. Staff is prohibited from viewing, copying, discussing or distributing such data except as needed to protect data from deletion or damage, or to troubleshoot, examine, repair or test a device.

Data Backups
In some cases Longview Computer Center may determine that it is necessary or prudent to perform a backup of customer data in order to help ensure that no data loss occurs in the course of repairs, for example during virus removal or data recovery of a defective hard drive. In such cases, the customer will be informed in advance of the procedure and may opt-out if s/he so desires. Backups will be stored for the minimum time necessary for the customer to ensure that all expected data has been retained on his/her system (but no more than 14 days). After this time, the data will be permanently deleted. The customer has the right to verify deletion of any backups at the time of system delivery.

Personal Identity Information
Customer information such as name, address, phone number, email ID, etc. are normally collected at the time of drop-off. This data will be retained for Longview Computer Center’s record-keeping purposes in both paper and electronic form. From time-to-time, Longview Computer Center may contact customers with computer tips, special offers, announcements or reference requests. LCC will not provide this information to any outside agency or 3rd-party commercial interest without the expressed consent of the customer.